Swiss Dragons - Digital Marketing Awards

Digital Marketing Awards gives visibility to our Sponsors and recognition to the best Teams and their Universities participating in our Digital Marketing contests.

Digital Marketing Awards is a platform where the following connect

Business owners' Needs & Wants

Services and products providers in Food, Health, Entertainment, Luxury and Events connect with our shortlisted communities

Arts of productions

Highly relevant, short interviews are produced prior to the events as well as testimonials produced during the events.

Social Media Distribution

Organization of promotional and commercial events to capture controlled contents and testimonies.

Live Analytics Results

Digital marketing specialists apply their state-of-the-art expertise promoting your brand, products and services.

National Price Winners

Digital marketing intelligence, geo localisation, etc. maximise targeted audiences to spot your offers and events.

Access to World SD-DM Awards

Sponsors benefit from the positive visibility among communities of decision makers, business owners and digital enthusiasts.

Who are we ?

  • Why:


  • 2015: Fourth Industrial/Technological-Digital Revolution

In 2015, the former Swiss bank director Alexandre Orloff became the new Chairman of the Board of Swiss Dragons Management SA (SDM) with the clear intention to surf on the Fourth Industrial/Technological-Digital Revolution, in a world of open source data, understanding that the winning formula to competence, growth and success is free access to knowledge.

  • 2016: Digital Marketing

In 2016, Swiss Dragons Management SA (SDM) started its new Digital Marketing activities organizing various cultural and educational events, securing the international digital visibility thanks to SDM’s expertise in Social Networking and Digital Marketing.

  • 2023: Incorporation of Digital Marketing Awards in Ras Al Khaimah

Incorporated in September 2023, Digital Marketing Awards acts in the UAE, with its licence in Media and Marketing, as the communication platform where companies’ need of visibility and communication meet with digital marketing competences.

  • How:

Swiss Dragons Management SA a Swiss based advisory boutique, active in 1) Advisory to companies, 2) Event & Communication and 3) Transfer of Technology, joined by disruptive digital marketing experts created the  »Swiss Dragons – Digital Marketing Award » platform for communities of Services and Products Providers to reach, promote and communicate with our community of intelligently shortlisted and geo localized Clients looking to spend money for services and products.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We believe that digital marketing has become the winning and unavoidable paradigm to company’s growth and success.

Our Values

Competence is the sum of intelligences in the areas of Knowledge, Human Skills and Know-How, that must imperatively be practiced to stay at the top.

Our Mission

At Swiss Dragons – Digital Marketing Awards, it made total sense to pledge to connect providers of Excellence with their services and their products, to clients willing, able and ready to spend money for specific services and products.

Our Actions


 »Swiss Dragons – Digital Marketing Awards » creates video capsules promoting your unique selling point and field of Excellence.


Targeted communities are reached and informed about your Events, Promotions and Communications, using our algorithms and data bases.


Return on investment, secured by a growth in visibility among strategically selected communities, thus attraction to your commercial efforts, Events and Promotions.


 »Swiss Dragons – Digital Marketing Awards » operates in Switzerland and intends to open chapters in the Middle East.

  • Finals: Themes and subjects

    Finales :


    • Finales nationales :
      1. Thèmes :
        1. Prod.
          1. productions de contenus
          2. effets spéciaux
        2. Distribution :
          1. stratégie
          2. distribution résultats
        3. Sujets :
          1. Santé :
            1. club de yoga,
            2. club de fitness
          2. Alimentation :
            1. nutrition,
            2. restauration,
            3. chefs
    • Travelling :
      1. hôtels,
      2. compagnies d’aviation


    • Finales mondiales, dans le pays gagnant du dernier Award :
      1. Thèmes :
        1. Prod.
          1. productions de contenus
          2. effets spéciaux
        2. Distribution :
          1. stratégie
          2. distribution résultats


    1. Sujets :

    Sera (seront) défini(s), selon le(s) sponsor(s)




    1) National Finals:
    To. Themes:
    i. production
    1. content production
    2. special effects
    ii. Distribution :
    1. strategy
    2. distribution results
    b. Topics :
    i. Health :
    1. yoga club,
    2. fitness club
    ii. Feed :
    2. catering,
    3. heads
    iii. Tracking:
    1. hotels,
    2. airlines

    2) World Finals, in the country that won the last Award:
    To. Themes:
    i. production
    1. content production
    2. special effects
    ii. Distribution :
    1. strategy
    2. distribution results

    b. Topics :
    Will be defined, according to the sponsor(s)

  • Process

    In the first stage, participants are students of Business School located in the Swiss Riviera.
    In the second planned stage, Business Schools from other countries will join the competition.

    The official language is English.

    Students of registered Business Schools are to receive credits for their participation in this extra curriculum program, especially when they win Swiss Dragons – Digital Marketing Awards.

     Real cases:
    Students must find a local businesses ready to sign a Tri-Party Digital Marketing Consulting Agreement, be signed by the local business, the Business School and each of the participating students.

    Students must fill up a registration form to be accepted by: 1) their Business School, 2) the advised Local Business and 3) the Swiss Dragons – Digital Marketing Awards committee.

    This program is apolitical and nobody shall be affecting anybody’s faith, origine, believes nor private life.
    No tolerance will be accepted, thus any inappropriate action or word will result to the exclusion from the program without any compensation.

    The Business Schools and the students are free to use what ever equipment and legal technologies they might have to reach successfully their objectives

  • Who can participate?

    Participants :

    Catégorie universités :

    Les universités qui enseignent des cours dans l’industrie du Marketing Digital peuvent participer au concours


    Catégorie professionnelles :
    Le professionnels de l’industrie du Marketing Digital peuvent participer au concours



    Universities category:
    Universities that teach courses in the Digital Marketing industry can participate in the competition

    Professional category:
    Professionals in the Digital Marketing industry can participate in the competition

What are the six points that will be judged:

Step 1: Business Strategy

Understand the client’s DNA and business model, then identify its targets.

Design a tailor made, digital transforming, business model strategy to create value.

Step 2: Concept Design

From the Brand identity and advertising concept, elaborate the campaign development processes.

Strategize and plan the organisation of events, promotions and commercial actions.

Step 3: Contents Production

Capture video interviews and photo contents to feed the communication campaigns.

Production of capsules in the different needed formats.

Step 4: Contents distribution

Implement best content distribution technologies, geo localization, etc.

Select best social media tactics to reach optimum and targeted communities.

Step 5: Analytics & Fine Tuning

Analysis and reporting from our analytics tools and methods.

Adapt the models to new tactics to better reach our goals.

Step 6: Handover

Production and distribution of video footages of the Events themselves, with testimonials..

Handover of the SDM labeled contents. IP rights remain SDM’s property.


Members of the Jury

Advisory board Mona Picture - copie

Dr. Mona Khalil

Cross-Cultural Expert

The Morita Method – Executive Job Search in the Hidden Job Market

Rainer Maria Morita

Hidden Job Market Expert

Abderrahmane BEKIEKH Professor-Trainer-Lecturer in Cinema

Abderrahmane B.

Professor-Trainer-Lecturer in Cinema


Lucien M

Digital Marketing Expert


Laura Brain

SEO Expert


Byran Klein




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